Process Logic Controllers Process Logic Controllers which seamlessly integrate

Process Logic Controllers

Process Logic Controllers which seamlessly integrate

In line with our range of data acquisition equipment Fardux also manufacture safety PLC units for integration with our IDEA Enterprise well testing products as well as our Field View remote well visualization package.

The PLC has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with both products, by using our modular approach to hardware development our PLC units can easily be added to either system at any time with no fuss.

To fully comply with SIL safety regulations the PLC can use two sensors per monitored point. This becomes a simple voting system where the first transducer to register a safety fault will trigger the PLC to perform its designated action.

The designated action for the PLC depends upon the programming, this can be from shutting or opening a valve to sounding an alarm, or changing choke size depending upon the actions required.

Our PLC units are programmed specifically for your application; our engineers will consult with you to provide the system you want.

For Well testing applications the PLC can integrate with the IDEA Enterprise package via an additional piece of software called PLC Link.

When the PLC Link is implemented this allows the operator to re-set specific non critical alarms to suit the application as the job progresses.

The PLC can interface with the OLSB and via the alarm skids audible and visual warnings can be triggered around the well site to alert all personal of a potential hazard.


Standard Features

SIL certified

Dual Power supplies (Auto switching)

Dual Processor units

Dual AI cards

Individual channel bypass by key switch

LED status panel

Dual RS484 serial interface

Processor diagnostic display





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