Mini MLI MLI mini provides additional transducer inputs to host PC Software suite.

Mini MLI

MLI mini provides additional transducer inputs to host PC Software suite.

Fardux IDEA Data Loggers of either the Enterprise or Lite type can be coupled together when more hardware channels are required. Any combination of up to five loggers can be connected to the MLImini to provide additional transducer inputs to the host PC software suite.


The new MLI mini supersedes the existing Fardux MLI. Although it is a much smaller unit measuring only 410 x 310 x 150mm it has extra capability giving users the option to interface with their existing 16 bit systems as well as the new 24 bit systems.


Because the IDEA range of Data Loggers are built with a modular approach in mind, clients can scale the purchase of their Data acquisition products in accordance with the current data input requirement for any particular project. If, at some point going forward, the data acquisition input requirement becomes larger then all that is necessary is to add the appropriate number of IDEA Enterprise or Lite Data Loggers and the couple them to the host PC with a M.L.I. The Host PC must be running the IDEA Enterprise software suite.


The Master and up to four additional Slave loggers connect via the MLI to a single RS232 port which communicates with the host PC IDEA Enterprise software in the same way as if a single logger had been connected Only the Master Data Logger clock adds its time to the data stream along with transducer data from the slave loggers so that the time function is set and controlled at a single point in exactly the same way that a single Data logger would communicate with the host software.

Even with the maximum number of 120 channels being utilised along with 24bit resolution readings, the MLImini can still collect and report the data back to the IDEA software in real time, every second.

Each connected data logger has its own microprocessor with the Master logger collecting data from each of the salve loggers in turn in accordance with simple dip switch set addressing.


The unit is housed in its own mini shockproof enclosure retaining the same robustness as the rest of the Fardux hardware products.

All cables have been standardised to straight through RS232 cables making interfacing much easier.
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