Well Services Logger Designed for Well Services applications

Well Services Logger

Designed for Well Services applications

The Well services Logger is based upon the existing tried and tested IDEA LITE hardware and software package.

The software has been upgraded for use in well services environments including fluid pumping,  coiled tubing and wireline applications.

The Logger unit is housed in the same 19 rack chassis as the existing LITE logger, which is then mounted in a shockproof case to minimise damage during transportation and operation.

 The well services logger consists of 8 analogue channels for measuring pressures and temperatures, 2 pulse channels for measuring fluid rates and volumes during pumping operations  and 1 depth channel which can be connected to a rotary encoder to measure depth and direction from either a coiled tubing unit or a wire line winch.

 The well services logger also includes an integral OLSB which allows the user to utilise four digitally controlled switches.

These 4 switches can be used for the following options:-

  • Sound an external alarm or flash a beacon.
  • Shut ESD Valves
  • Shut BOP rams
  • Shut down Power packs etc.

 When used in conjunction with the software package this gives the operator full control of the operation in case of unexpected operation parameters.

The inclusion of a depth card allows the system to be used to measure wireline, electric line and coiled tubing depth and direction.

The functionality of the IDEA Lite package has been updated to suit the requirements of the well services market including  fluid flow calculations for staged pumping jobs.

The Well services logger system employs High High, High, Low, Low Low alarm level limits.

These limits are set within the well services software package and can be set as visual only warnings which will alert the user on the software package. They can also be set to activate any of the 4 internal switches of the OLSB

During normal all the parameters are within their safe operating limits.

However when a parameter moves outside the pre set safe band it will notifying the operator that a parameter has altered, and if the OLSB is configured it will instigate the pre configured action, like flash a sounder and flash a beacon, or in a high-high critical situation it could shut down operations.

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