Alarm Sounders Visual and audible warning equipment

Alarm Sounders

Visual and audible warning equipment
The unit is designed to give both visual and audible warning signals to personnel operating in noisy adverse working environments, when pre-programmed limits have been met or exceeded.

Alarm skids are all designed for purpose to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. Construction material is stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

Compatible with Fardux IDEA Enterprise and OLSB, the unit's sounders and beacons are externally powered. The signals from the OLSB are 24V DC I.S. and are converted at the unit via I.S. isolators.

The standard configuration is 1 amber, 1 green and 1 red beacon, and 2 sounders with unique tone.


Number of channels: 5 per unit (3 visual, 2 audible)
Software compatibility: IDEA Enterprise
Power supply: 110V AC
Outputs: Beacon 5 Joule
Sounder: 113dB +/- 3dB range, 400Hz to 8000 Hz
Intrinsically safe: Stahl I.S. Isolator 9251/02-40
Enclosure dimensions: WxHxD
Enclosure weight: Kg
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