Airwave Well Services Rugged and ready to go

Airwave Well Services

Rugged and ready to go

When it comes to well services activity, instrumentation products have to be rugged and ready to go out of the box. For Well Testing, Fluid Pumping and Coil Tubing jobs, Fardux’s Airwave Well Services WirelessHART Gateway is fit for purpose, benefiting from years of engineering experience and honed-in knowledge of just what it takes to work in harsh environments offshore, or onshore, anywhere on the planet.


Fardux is recognised by many as the industry leader when it comes to Surface Data Acquisition systems. Our Fardux cabled system, coupled with our multi- platform software, is robust and field-proven, having operated in some of the harshest environments. Fardux remains the choice of preference for discerning clients.

Recognising that some applications benefit from a non-cabled solution, we have introduced Airwave - a secure, cost competitive wireless alternative that works to the industry standardised HART protocol, the world's leading process communication protocol for smart instruments.

At the heart of the system is our WirelessHART gateway - AirWave. It communicates with the WirelessHART instrumentation, manages security and connectivity, and exports data in a format that is compatible with our world renowned software packages.

Whether it's a new deployment or an upgrade to existing instrumentation, AirWave delivers a flexible and reliable way to remotely manage field assets whilst offering significant economies in deployment time and cost, together with feature rich HART functionality.

AirWave also supplies more information than just the raw measured values. In-built diagnostics ensures the health of the network can be monitored, helping to further reduce overall operational costs such as unnecessary plant downtime.

System reliability is ensured by use of a mesh topology network to provide a 'self building, self-healing' communications link with redundant pathways that adapt to any changes in the local signal environment.

AirWave Well Services works in conjunction with the FWAOOl WirelessHART Adaptor, enabling the conversion of HART devices to operate wirelessly.

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